El Tarf: A beach library invites summer visitors to reconnect with a passion for reading

An eclectic selection of books and novels of all kinds: scientific books, documentaries, comics, poetry, reviews, are within the reach of reading enthusiasts who can, in an initiative that many summer visitors describe as original, enjoy the freshness of the sea while indulging in the pleasures of reading. The traveling library filled with books and books of the main public reading library Louise Françoise Mabrouka Belkacem of the chief town of wilaya, settles in the morning at the beaches of Messida, the Great Beach, Henaya, Sables d Old Calle, the Sabeae, El Bettah and D'raouch, belonging to the communes of Souarekh, El Kala, Ben'M'Hidi, Berrihane and El Chatt, to the delight of these readers.

Many summer visitors, who told the APS, that they were " pleasantly surprised " to discover this new cultural benefit that some intend to see perpetuate themselves to accustom especially the youngest to reading in any place and any time. In a most relaxing setting, the blue of the sea contrasting with the green forests as far as the eye can see, all on fine golden sand, summer visitors will have the freedom to indulge in reading sessions.

According to the local director of culture, Adel Saïfi, the traveling library, launched from Messida beach in El Kala, will continue to offer books and books to summer visitors until August 17 t next, to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the pleasure of reading.

Parallel to this summer library, a caravan of animation and recreation, first of its kind also, will provide bathers beaches aroused, atmosphere and relaxation with the panoply of cultural activities and games that it aims to to make a tradition. Shows animated by the local cultural associations El Manar, Amel and Chams and the cultural cooperative " Afkar and founoun " of El Eulma, wilaya of Setif, intended for children and adults, competitions in various and quizzes and drawing workshops on the best beach are also on the menu.

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