Electronic press: Ouyahia instructs Kaouane to install the ARPE

Algeria – Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia instructed the Minister of Communication, Djamel Kaouane, to install as soon as possible the Regulatory Authority for the Print Media (ARPE), intended to govern the electronic press, has learned ALG24 from a source near the department of Kaouane.

According to our source, the Prime Minister sent a note to the Minister of Communication in early November, ordering it to accelerate the establishment of the ARPE, before the anarchy that reigns in the press in Algeria.

This instruction issued by the Chief Executive follows the revelation of non-journalistic practices that some electronic media were engaged in in Algeria.

In his note, Ahmed Ouyahia reiterates the need to regulate the electronic press sector, especially since it is at the root of many slippages and are out of control.

Moreover, the Minister of Communication has shone by his absence in recent weeks, the scandal that has just shaken the electronic press and leading to the arrest of several actors in this sector.

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