Emergency measures for the care of the victims in In Guezzam

Among the measures announced by the wali of Tamanrasset, Djilali Doumi at the end of the technical meeting held following the finding established by the commission, the distribution of 100 food parcels and 400 covers for the victims. In addition to additional hedging quotas, the first quota of tents will be forwarded tonight after the list of victims has been established. In the same context, 5 large trucks were mobilized for the drainage of the rainwater, in parallel with 40 agents dispatched in reinforcement with 10 additional pumps to reinforce the services of the civil protection. Through inspection of the most damaged "Abalegh" city, machines were mobilized to drain accumulated water.

A commission was commissioned to inspect damaged and collapsed dwellings. To this end, measures have been taken by the Ministry of Housing, Urban Planning and the City in coordination with local Habitat officials and the PCA services. The city of In Guezzam has been divided into three (03) departments headed by an executive director in charge of field monitoring of situation assessment operations and monitoring of emergency programs, the wali.

Special programs will be put in place to deal with the floods and a study for the protection of the city of In Guezzam from the dangers of flooding valleys will be developed by the Ministry of Water Resources. In addition to staffing the municipal park with the necessary equipment, including trucks, maintenance work on the sewerage channels will be carried out in addition to measures to drain the water in the lower areas. To this end, a study will be developed to recover In Guezzam's urban development programs and an emergency fact sheet will be established.

This technical meeting was an opportunity for practical programs to address the concerns of the citizens of In Guezzam. The problem of accumulated water in the city was an emergency measure. Other measures will be initiated in the light of the citizens' proposals and all decisions made will be implemented and monitored in the field in coordination with the ministerial departments concerned and the wilaya of Tamanrasset which has mobilized all the necessary means to mitigate this situation, said the Inspector General of the Ministry of the Interior, Local Authorities and Spatial Planning, Abderrahmane Sidini.

Dispatched to In Guezzam on the instructions of the Minister of the Interior, Local Authorities and Spatial Planning, Noureddine Bedoui, this commission is made up of central officials of the Ministries of the Interior, Local Authorities, and Land Use Planning, Water Resources, Transportation and Public Works, Health, Population, and Hospital Reform, and Housing, Urban Planning and the City.

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