Errors in copies of the Qur'an: An established commission (ministry)

Algeria – After the flagrant errors found in copies of the Qur'an, the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Wakfs announces the installation of a new ministerial commission to begin "revision" and "correction" "Scientific errors in the copies of the Koran.

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Mohamed Aissa informed all publishers of the printing, publishing and distribution of the Koran that the new commission of revision of the books of the Koran began its work.

According to the same communiqué, the operators can contact the services of the Ministry to resume their activity again. Whereas for the other operators whose authorizations of activity were suspended by the guardianship, they have the right to appeal to the present commission to re-examine their files in the light of the Regulation and in accordance with Executive Decree No. 17-18 of January 4 governing the publication and distribution of the Koran.

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