Establishment of a device for the preparation of the feast of Eid El Adha

Algeria – The Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries has set up, as every year, a device for the preparation of the Eid El Adha festival to take place in the best conditions, said this institution Sunday in a statement.

On this occasion, the device "Eid without cyst" is relaunched with an optimal veterinary health and measures to take. It involves the mobilization of veterinarians at the level of animal health directorates (DSA) and slaughterhouses, the establishment of sales outlets by wilaya decree, and the establishment of veterinary health certification. accompanying the movement of animals to the point of sale for veterinary control. Also, to allow the citizen to acquire his sheep and allow a number of livestock available for sale, the opening of the points of sale will be operational.

According to the same source, the national herd, whose sheep population is estimated at 28 million head, cattle over 2 million head and goat 5 million head, receives special attention from public authorities that are "making every effort to improve and develop the red meat sector". These efforts are in the order of increasing the supply in relation to the demand and making available to the consumer various choices which will certainly have repercussions on the prices.

On the day of Eid, all slaughter establishments, spread throughout the national territory, will be open to encourage citizens to sacrifice their animals in a conformed and controlled enclosure. Permanences will be carried out by the wilaya veterinary services at the level of the Municipal People's Assemblies (PCA) and the slaughterhouses. Mobile brigades composed of veterinarians and technicians will tour the various places likely to house slaughterings, particularly in rural areas to control and respond to the needs and demands of citizens.

In an effort to respect hygiene and public health, wilaya road services were instructed to recover the carcasses and organs seized as well as the detritus (straw, horns, hoofs, nozzle, …) and move them to landfills or incineration. On the other hand, a large program of prevention and sensitization, aimed at livestock farmers, to protect livestock against various diseases, is also conducted year-round, the same source said.

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