Events in Ouargla and Bechar: Ouyahia reacts and denounces

Algeria – Even under the cap of the national secretary of the national democratic rally, Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia denounced, on Sunday, the riots that shook the wilayas of Ouargla and Béchar a few days ago.

Interviewed on the sidelines of a press conference he led after a meeting with the MSP, Ahmed Ouyahia said it is unacceptable to resort to riots to express demands for social order

"The riot can never solve social problems," said Ahmed Ouyahia, who says that unemployment is no reason to prevent some of the citizens of Ouargla from attending a cultural gala.

As a reminder, several young people, without jobs, rallied to protest against the management of the employment file in the wilaya of Ouargla, a riot rally after the intervention of the security services.

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