EXCLUSIVE- Kamel Chikhi's Defense Denounces Exceedances at El-Harrach Prison

Algeria – Four lawyers who constitute the defense of Kamel Chikhi, alias "El-Bouchi, and his accomplices sent a letter of denunciation to the Director of the prison of El-Harrach, learned ALG24 from reliable source.

In this letter sent on August 1, Kamel Chikhi's defense denounces the non-compliance with the law as regards behavior with the defense of a prisoner.

The defense of the principal defendant in the case of an attempt to introduce 701 kg of cocaine from the port of Oran considers that his right to visit his clients held in El-Harrach prison has been violated .

"As a defense, it is guaranteed, constitutionally and legally, not to be deprived of the right to visit detainees, regardless of the number of lawyers formed to defend the same accused," reads this letter.

The defense of Kamel "El-Bouchi" complains that the prison forbids lawyers to see each other, a client at the same time. If a lawyer talks to one of the accused, the second lawyer will have to wait for the first to finish to see another accused. This practice is, according to Kamel Chikhi's defense in contradiction with the law in force.

Intriguing Measures and Cophophony

Intriguing, the four lawyers say they were authorized on July 31 to see, each one of his side and at the same time one of the accused. The defense of Kamel Chikhi, while recalling that the Director of the prison – currently on leave – had explained that it was a measure of the Directorate General, claims to have had another version from the interim , which allowed them to see their customers simultaneously.

The four lawyers are thus questioning whether these measures are in compliance with the law and the constitution. "Are these instructions formally formulated by management or verbally? Or does your institution take measures at its own discretion? "Asks Kamel's defense" El-Bouchi. "

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