EXCLUSIVE- "Scenes of conflict" behind the ban on the movie "Ben M'hidi"

Algeria – The film on the path of the martyr of the Algerian Revolution, Larbi Ben M'hidi, was "officially banned" from projection in Algeria by the Ministry of the Mojahedin.

The Ministry of the Mojahedin wrote a letter on August 30th, of which ALG24 has a copy, to the director Bachir Derrais and to the Sarl "Films de la Source", informing them of certain reservations concerning the first version of this document. feature film

According to our information, the film is forbidden projection in its current version because "scenes of conflict" between the late Larbi Ben M'hidi and Mujahideen had been introduced. This is among other things a scene involving former President Ahmed Ben Bella and another involving Djamel Abdel Nasser from Egypt. For the Mojahedin ministry, it is a historical film and not a political film for such scenes to be introduced.

In the letter obtained by ALG24, the department of Tayeb Zitouni informs the director of reservations issued by the commission responsible for validating this work on "scenes relating to the path of the martyr", asking him to modify them.

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