False alert to Biskra after the death of two babies!

Algeria – A few days apart, two babies died at Bachir Benacer Hospital in Biskra. During the day of Friday, August 24, it is a baby of 11 months who is death. The second in the space of a week.

What did not fail to alert the medical team, as the inhabitants. If the specter of Cholera hovers around everywhere, in Biskra, it is a whole other evil that awaits. An entirely different threat that targets mainly newborns: Measles.

According to the daily Ennahar, which reports the news, this Saturday, August 25, dozens of cases, mostly newborns, are enumerated at the maternity ward of the Hakim Saadane Hospital in the city. According to the same source, concerns are palpable about the contagion of other children treated for other pathologies in this establishment.

"The children enter the hospital for a mild disease and come out with measles!"

Parents are worried and outraged at the organization of the hospital. The services being shared, the parents indicate that they hospitalize their children "for benign and common diseases in newborns and come out with measles!"

Another concern is the unavailability of vaccines against this extremely contagious disease. Especially since since its spread a few months ago, 1700 cases have been treated in the region.

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