Five trafficked drug traffickers and 128 kg of seized kif seized in Oran

Algeria – Five drug traffickers arrested and 128 kilograms of Kif Treaty seized by National People's Army detachment (ANP) and elements of the National Gendarmerie on Thursday in Oran, a statement said Friday (August 31st) from the Department of National Defense (DND).

"In the context of securing borders and the fight against organized crime, and following a search and search operation, a detachment of the National People's Army seized on 30 August 2018, in Bordj Badji Mokhtar / 6eRM, a Semionov type semi-automatic rifle, while another detachment of the National People's Army in coordination with elements of the National Gendarmerie arrested in Oran / 2nd RM, five (05) drug traffickers and seized a quantity of processed kif amounting to (128) kilograms and two (02) tourist vehicles ".

As part of the fight against smuggling, other detachments of the National People's Army intercepted during a separate operation, in Tamanrasset and Ain Guezzam / 6th RM, a (01) truck, (5300) pieces clothing, four (04) metal detectors, three (03) generators, two (02) jackhammers and a motorcycle, while the elements of the National Gendarmerie in Sidi-Bel-Abbès / 2nd RM, have apprehended a (01) smuggler on board a truck containing (1272) units of different drinks. While attempts to smuggle a quantity of fuel amounting to (12723) liters were defeated by the Border Guards respectively in Souk-Ahras, Tébessa and El-Taref / 5eRM.

In addition, coast guards at El Kala / 5eRM detained two (02) divers without authorization and seized scuba diving, while illegal emigration attempts (49) to On board illegal boats were thwarted in Tlemcen, Oran and Annaba, while (13) illegal immigrants of different nationalities were apprehended at Ain-Temouchent and Bordj Badji Mokhtar.

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