FNPES calls for the assumption of its socio-professional demands

Algeria – The National Federation of Higher Education and Scientific Research (FNPES), affiliated to the National Union of Autonomous Staff of Public Administration (SNAPAP), called Sunday in Algiers, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to take charge of its socio-professional demands.

During a press conference at SNAPAP's headquarters, the President of the Federation, Rachid Dahmani emphasized the need to "debate and gradually take charge of the socio-professional demands raised, particularly the tenure of contract workers, updating the methods of appointment to senior positions and revising the scale of bonuses to increase the purchasing power of workers in the sector, including those under the common forces. "

The FNPES called on the parent ministry to "take charge of the social demands of workers, particularly with regard to housing".

In addition, the federation called for an end to the "intimidation" of certain executives and delegates of the federation because of "their union activity", to examine "the legal proceedings launched against certain trade unionists" and " to open the doors of dialogue with the line ministry to discuss the claims raised. "


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