Gaid Salah will preside over the installation ceremony of the new commander of the 2nd Military Region

Algeria – Lieutenant-General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, Deputy Minister of National Defense, Chief of Staff of the National People's Army (ANP) will preside this Saturday, August 24, 2018 , the official installation ceremony of General Souab Meftah as commander of the 2 th Military Region, in Oran, said Friday a statement from the Ministry of National Defense (DND).


The General of the Army Corps will preside, on the first day of his visit, on behalf of the President of the Republic, Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defense, the installation ceremony of Major-General Souab Meftah , as Commander of 2 th Military District, replacing Major-General Saïd Bey ", according to the communiqué.

Moreover, Gaid Salah "will supervise, the next day, the execution of a surface-to-surface missile exercise at the level of the western seaboard", specifies the same source.

شارك هاذا المقال !

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