Gifts for the Hadjis sold in the Souk of Mecca! (Photo)

Algeria – Without limit! Nothing stops high greed in value. Even the sacred does not escape. Thus, prayer rugs meant to be offered as gifts to the Hajis were sold in the souk of Mecca!

These are hajis who found these carpets sold at ridiculously low prices ranging from 7 to 10 Rials. No more than 500 dinars! Theft, corruption, in the holy places of Islam, and for 500 unfortunate Dinars! Few words can qualify such an act, such moral misery. This degree of absence of values.

According to the daily Ennahar reporting this information, on Tuesday, September 4, these carpets bear the mention of the National Office of Hajj and Umrah (ONHO).

The Ministry of Religious Affairs has opened an investigation. According to Ennahar, the Director of the Hajj and Umrah Office, Youcef Azzouza, is personally responsible for following this case.

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