Grant of 40,000 micro-credits and training of 20,000 beneficiaries in 2019

Algeria – The Minister of National Solidarity, Family and the Status of Women, Ghania Eddalia, announced Thursday in Algiers, that the National Agency for Microcredit Management (ANGEM) was working as part of its strategy for the year 2019, the granting of 40,000 micro-credits for the benefit of project promoters, as well as the training of 20,000 micro-credit beneficiaries in the field of creation and management micro-enterprises.

Speaking before the Budget and Finance Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), in order to present the budget of his sector under the Draft Budget Law for the 2019 financial year (PLF 2019), the Minister specified that the ANGEM was working, within the framework of its strategy for the year 2019, to the granting of 40,000 micro-credits, amounting to an amount of 3.8 billion DA, for the benefit of project the training of 20,000 beneficiaries of micro-credits in the field of creation and management of micro-enterprises, as well as the help of entrepreneurs to promote and market their products.

With regard to the budget allocated to the Sector, under the 2019 PLF, Ms. Eddalia stated that the totality of the suggested operating allocations amounted to 67.385 billion DA, a slight decrease of the order of less than of 1%, compared to the year 2018.

In this same context, Mrs. Eddalia recalled the support of her sector of vulnerable categories, such as people with special needs, the poor, the disadvantaged, assisted childhood, the woman in distress, seniors and those with no family ties, noting that the Ministry oversaw a number of social support schemes, through the mechanisms of the Social Development Agency (SDA) and ANGEM, in addition to promoting and the consolidation of the activities of the associative movement.

Regarding the protection of persons with disabilities, the minister said that "the allocations for the 2019 exercise amounted to 11.764 billion DA, equivalent to those of 2018 for the premium estimated at 4,000 da / month for 100% disabled for those over 18 years of age and without income, "indicating that" the number of beneficiaries of this premium has reached 241,969 people until September 20 last. "

With regard to social security coverage for persons with disabilities who do not exercise any professional activity to enable them to benefit from health coverage, including the purchase of medicines, medical tests and equipment for the disabled, an envelope financial surplus of more than 2,764 billion da was released for the year 2019, an increase of more than 7 million DA compared to 2018 ".

In the context of the protection of persons in difficult and vulnerable social situations, including the homeless, the Ministry has drawn up a national program aimed at guaranteeing proper care for this category by dedicating specialized enterprises in the sector, who have for mission the reception, the accompaniment, the socio-psychological support besides the family and professional insertion. The financial allocations granted to the five institutions activating at the national level (Batna, Béchar, Oran, Ouargla and Bordj Bou Arreridj) for the 2019 financial year amount to 81 million DA.

In this context, the number of homeless persons taken into care between January 1 and September 30, 2018 amounted to 23,599 persons, including 19,669 men, 3,682 women and 248 children, adding that mental patients, motor impairments and the chronically ill are among those cared for in this field.

The minister also indicated that the allocations allocated to the associative movement of social character are estimated at 50 million AD, underlining that the associations intervene in the assumption of the concerns of the categories in difficulty, participate in several domains related to the development and strengthening social cohesion, "one of the priorities of the Government's activity"

And to add that the ministry accompanies 3,746 local associations and 56 national associations through the financial support, the orientation, the accompaniment and the training of the framers.

In addition, the minister revealed that a budget of more than 76 billion DA was allocated to the social development agency allowing the support of more than 1.5 million people in the framework of support and social integration such as the flat-rate solidarity grant and the social integration program for young graduates.

On this occasion, the Minister affirmed that the Government's action plan tends to preserve social gains, reduce social precariousness, fight against all forms of marginalization and ensure the achievement of equity and social justice, adding that the state will in no way waive its responsibilities in terms of support and accompaniment for vulnerable and needy fringes.

For their part, members of the committee expressed their concerns about the premium on the disabled qualifying it as "insufficient", calling for an increase.

The members of the commission pleaded, within this framework, for the reinforcement of structures specialized in the care of children with autism to cover the increased demand, calling for the setting up of criteria defining the citizen "needy" .


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