Hadj Djilani reiterates the FFS's commitment to rebuilding a national consensus

Algeria_ The First National Secretary of the Front of the Socialist Forces (FFS), Hadj Djilani Mohamed, reiterated Friday in Souk-el-Ténine (25 km east of Bejaia), the attachment of his party to the realization of its political project aiming at the reconstruction of a national consensus, "only way to guarantee a State of right, democratic and social".

On this initiative launched in 2014, Mr. Hadj Djilani wanted to highlight the consequences of "immobilism", which overwhelms and threatens the country and from which "it is necessary to leave", he advocated , considering it necessary in particular to create a new "balance of power favorable to the change of the current system".

Addressing young FFS activists gathered on the occasion of the party's summer school, the first secretary of the FFS called for their responsibility for "arbitrating the future" and "giving back hope. "

He emphasized, in this perspective, the imperative of a new general mobilization and at all levels, as well in the university as in the districts and villages, noting that the stake is "the political awareness and social. "

Hadj Djilani Mohamed, in the wake, recalled the commitments of young elders, who have allowed national independence, and his release from the colonial yoke, noting that for the FFS, the peaceful commitment that characterizes his fight is " to promote the democratic and humanist values ​​around which the Algeria of tomorrow will have to be articulated. "

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