He steals 280 billion using the signature of … Tebboune! The incredible scam …

Algeria – Many strange stories of scammers have been reported to us by the annals of the crime. The one who has just been arrested in Blida last week is a case for the least unique in Algeria.

It will have shed, for nearly 280 billion (centimes), dozens of companies selling building materials. Although no less than 12 arrest warrants emanated from several Tribunals of the country had been pronounced against him, he remained elusive. It is finally the Security Forces of the city of Meftah (Blida) that will put the hook on it, this past week. DIrection: the Tribunal de Larbaa

This is the so-called "S.M". A 50-year-old pursued by no less than 15 complaints from companies selling building materials, from various parts of the country.

According to the investigation reported by the daily Ennahar, Wednesday, November 14, the scammer had developed a flawless scheme. Combining the persuasiveness and credulity of "his clients."

Certificate of Qualification Category 8, signed by Tebboune!

Thus, "S.M" did not hesitate to brandish a document issued by the Ministry of Housing, dated March 16, 2017. The latter bore the seal of the former Minister of Housing, Abdelmadjid Tebboune. This is a Certificate of Professional Qualification – Category 8! (A rare category that is only issued to large companies with no less than 20 years of exercises and with significant human and material resources). He also held a Trade Register dated May 23, 2015.

It happened, thus, to be granted lines of credit for its so-called "large construction sites". As a result, the enormous quantities of construction materials delivered to him were sold on the black market at ridiculous prices.

It was enough, finally, to simply change phone number and disappear into nature. Especially since the address of his company located in his hometown Sidi Lahcene (Sidi Belabbes) was fictitious.

شارك هاذا المقال !

lettifi mohamed saber

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