Horror in Laghouat: Who murdered the Muezzin … And why?

Algeria – It is 5:30 in the morning. The day rises on the small town of Hadj Mecheri, in the wilaya of Laghouat. And as every day, it is, "El Hadj Ali Cheddad" which serves as Muezzin …

It is indeed from the "Khalid Ibn Walid" mosque that this 56-year-old father, every morning, launches his call to the "Fadjr" prayer. A task he has been carrying out for several years and voluntarily, say the inhabitants of this city. He will not have the opportunity to call the prayer of "Fadjr" this Tuesday, October 16.

Indeed, according to reports from the site Ennahar Online, the Muezzin was attacked by strangers, while he fulfilled, as every day, his duty. They carried him several knives in the back before fleeing. They let him bleed in the middle of an alley linking his home to the mosque. And it is here that the Muezzin finally gives up.

The news fell like a chopper all over the city. And, soon, to go around the whole wilaya of Laghouat. The residents and relatives of the Muezzin, in shock, still do not understand that we could attack this father of six children.

Immediately alerted, the services of the National Gendarmerie, Civil Protection and the teams of Scientific Police made the first findings. This Wednesday, October 17, the alley was still under seal and investigations still in progress. In the meantime what will be provided by the clues left behind by the criminals …

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