Increased sales of gas cylinders in 3 wilayas

Algeria – Sales of butane gas cylinders in the wilayas of Oran, Mascara and Mostaganem saw an increase of up to 30,000 units a day in the month of November in progress, according to Monday's report. gas-liquefied petroleum section of Naftal in the district of Oran.

Sales, in normal times, are estimated at 20,000 cylinders of butane gas per day and are currently experiencing an increase ranging from 26,000 to 30,000 units per day, according to a statement from this company, a copy of which was given to the APS .

The demand for butane gas, expressed at the level of the wilayas mentioned has, since the beginning of November, an increase of more than 16% in October last marked the cold, in comparison with the same period of l past year, it is stated

The same source assures that there will be no shortage of butane gas during the coming winter, as the national petroleum products marketing and distribution company (NAFTAL-LPG section) has taken a series of measures in supply matters

These measures include monitoring the evolution of demand for butane cylinders on the market and the adoption of a third team to operate in H 24, in addition to a regular supply of Mohammadia deposits. (Mascara) and Sidi Ali (Mostaganem).

These measures also include an increase in the 13 kilogram bottle of cylinders at the Naftal service stations and coordination with the Oran, Mostaganem and Mascara energy wilaya directorates and the local authorities, for the Realization of storage locations to ensure product availability and fight against speculation, according to the release.

Naftal calls on poultry farmers, particularly those who use gas cylinders, to approach their commercial services to convert to butane gas.

This company launched an awareness campaign on the risks and accidents caused by misuse of gas cylinders.


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