Indictment of the Director of Aljazair24: the intriguing connection with the son of a senior official

Algeria – The director and publisher of the Arabic-language site Aljazair24 was placed yesterday, Wednesday, October 31, under arrest warrant by the investigating judge at the Tribunal of Sidi M'hamed in Algiers, learned ALG24 from judicial source.

The mis en cause, responding to the initials I.H, is prosecuted, according to a lawyer close to the case, in the context of a case of blackmail and extortion through, mainly, his site Aljazair24. He was arrested by the National Gendarmerie's search brigade, which was referred yesterday to the Public Prosecutor of Sidi M'hamed.

According to the same source, this site enjoyed significant financial resources. Published by the company For Media, which defines itself as an advertising agency, this site is housed in a luxurious villa in the upscale neighborhoods of Ben Aknoun.

In addition, links to the main defendant in the blackmail and extortion case via the Amir DZ page were also discovered. According to the same source, the accused was responsible for some thirty websites and Facebook pages that were conducting dubious media campaigns in financial compensation.

A case that shakes the high spheres

According to the lawyer interviewed by ALG24, this case is likely to widen and affect unexpected personalities. Indeed, various connections have been found between the accused I.H and the son of a senior official in the security services.

The son of this senior official would be, according to the same source that refers to the first elements of the investigation, behind the sponsorship of this site which is called information. I.H would thus be only the tree that hides the forest.

Triggered almost three weeks ago, this case risks revealing a new business of communication and unfair competition to which some electronic media were engaged.

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