Indiscretions on the Lobbying of Algeria in the USA … After the Economy, the Politics!

Algeria – September, Sonatrach gave the color of a new way of doing in the way of looking at the International. And this, by operating the lever of the Lobbying.

The national flagship of hydrocarbons had commissioned, as reported by ALG24 in its edition of September 13, the Cabinet "International Policy Solutions". Objective: defend his interests and those of Algeria, in the United States. A $ 300,000 contract aimed mainly at promoting and selling the potential of the Algerian market in this segment to American operators.

In addition to the economy, Algerian political lobbying is back in the spotlight. According to what reveals Maghreb Confidential in its edition of Thursday, November 8, Cabinet Folley Hoag has quietly relaunched its lobbying in Washington on behalf of Algeria and Polisario.

Algeria decides to reinvest the land …

According to the magazine, the cabinet has had, since April, about thirty meetings with diplomats from the State Department. As well as senators and representatives, mainly Democrats. Objective: to promote the Algerian-US bilateral relationship, but also and above all the "right to self-determination" of Western Sahara

This offensive is conducted under a contract awarded in 2007 to Folley Hoag. The latter was dormant for several years. This Cabinet is also, since 1993, the official lobbyist of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR). Even though this contract still seems "dormant," says MC.

Thus, Algiers, which for a long time abandoned Capitol Hill to the very active lobbyists of Morocco, decided to reinvest this land.

شارك هاذا المقال !

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