"It hurt me" … The Prosecutor explodes his anger!

Algeria – "He beat me with an electric cable and an iron bar. It hurt me. At 4 years old we are still a baby …

And it is with all the innocence of this age that the little boy from Arris (Batna) explains to the judge of the Court of Batna how his father tortured him throughout the day of December 8, 2016. And this , with electric cable and iron bar, because he had trouble learning his alphabet!

A sadism of rare violence that blew the Prosecutor off. The latter required 10 years of imprisonment against the unworthy father. Especially since the four members of the siblings corroborated the words of their little brother. The latter, moreover, reported that their father had subjected them to the same mistreatment. The mother, on her side, asked for a divorce.

The Arris hospital report that received the child and alerted the Daïra Security Services reported various injuries to the body and a deep skull fracture that caused him 25 days of disability.

Finally, yesterday, Wednesday, November 7, the people of Batna heard the verdict. The Tribunal sentenced this unworthy father to 3 years in prison!

شارك هاذا المقال !

lettifi mohamed saber

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