Kamel El Bouchi paid a VIP Umrah to an APC cadre in Ain Benian

The past days and the case of 701 kg of cocaine delivers, little by little, its secrets. We learn today that a PCA executive from Ain Benian has benefited from a VIP Omra from Kamel El Bouchi, reads Ennahar newspaper this morning.

The person in charge of the urbanization of the APC of Ain Benian thus benefited from a sum of 70 million centimes from Kamel El Bouchi. This "reward" comes, moreover, in exchange for services rendered by this officer of the town hall. The latter intervened to remove some obstacles to a Kamel Chikhi project in this town.

"I solved your problem, give me what we expected …. it falls perfectly, I go to Mecca ". This sentence was said by the head of APC to Kamel Chikhi. The discussion between the two men, recorded by Kamel El Bouchi, is in the hands of the investigators.

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