killed, burned and thrown into garbage … Witness was the killer!

Algeria – A crime of rare barbarity will be treated by the Court of Constantine in September. The defendants are 6 young people, including a girl, who murdered a person, burned his body and thrown in garbage.

According to the daily Ennahar, El Khroub's investigating judge accuses them of forming a criminal gang, of premeditated murder, and also of non-reporting of crime. Witnesses will also be summoned in this scabrous affair that dates back to 2017.

October 13, 2013, day of barbarism in El Khroub!

On October 13, 2017 the phone of the gendarmerie brigade of Oued Hamim sounds. A certain "B.Z", resident at the city Brahmia El Khroub, calls to notify the police of the presence of a corpse buried in a pile of garbage in the area of ​​El Merih. Quickly, the gendarmes go to the scene.

The survey …

The preliminary investigation revealed that it was a certain "M.A" who was hit on the skull. Which led to his death. The corpse is then the subject of a legal expertise at the hospital "Mohamed Boudiaf" in El Khroub on October 15. The medical examiner's report indicated that the victim was hit by a blunt object.

The Gendarmes then began their investigations. And an unexpected turnaround occurred during the investigation. In fact, it emerged that "B.Z", the very one who launched the alert was involved. The latter had in his procession a small booklet belonging to the victim. And the name of the witness could be read in – "B.Z" owes me 70 million centimes –

Thus, he was immediately arrested. In addition, traces of blood were later found in his Symbol vehicle. The blood test showed that he belonged to the victim.

Conduct of the Crime

It all started after an altercation that eventually pushed the main accused "B.Z" to hit the victim with a car jack at the back of the head. The six accomplices then agreed to set the body on fire and conceal it in garbage from the created area.

Faced with overwhelming evidence, the witness named "B.Z" had no choice but to confess and denounce his accomplices in this villainous crime.

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شارك هاذا المقال !

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