Knives, scalpels … Gang War at Zemirli Hospital

Algeria – A climate of no man's land, where the one who is armed takes the upper hand over the one who is not. Where the strongest crushes the weakest. A cruel jungle in the heart of the capital.

A group of juvenile returnees stormed last week's Salim Zemirli hospital in El Harrach. They were looking for another youth admitted to the ER with whom they had an altercation, which they had injured, but they wanted to finish!

Thus, when he leaves the emergency room, the young person realizes that he is surrounded. He takes a knife and strikes the face of one of the aggressors.

When the police arrived, everything was upside down, the wounded and the sick who could not believe to see so much violence in a school that would provide them with care!

The police found the victim "A. Mohamed Abdelraouf" seriously injured in the face. He was taken in charge by the doctors of the hospital. The police then arrested the person who carried the blow "D. Brahim". These are the facts reported from its cover, the site Ennahar Online, this Saturday, September 15,

The hearing …

At his hearing on Thursday, September 13, in the El Harrach court, "D. Brahim" stated that he was in the garden of his neighborhood when "A. Mohamed Abdelraouf" began to say something vulgar aloud. He asked her to stop behaving this way. Unable to be put back to order, the latter attacked him with a razor blade. This caused him several injuries in different parts of the body. He was subsequently transported to Zemirli Hospital. But "A. Mohamed Abdelraouf" appealed to three of his friends and followed him to the hospital to try to kill him.

"D. Brahim" has finally indicated that he has only defended himself against several armed persons who threatened his life.

For his part, the prosecutor has required 3 years in prison and 500,000 dinars fine.

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