"L'Algerienne vie" launches a new service via internet (video)

Algeria – Several Algerian insurance companies have launched a new service via the internet to fight against breast cancer, which is suffering alarming proportions in Algeria.

The insurance company "L'Algerienne Vie" has launched a new service intended to insure women against breast cancer. Subscribing women can benefit from capital to carry out care and purchase medicines.

To make it easier for sick women, " Algerian Life " launched a breast cancer insurance product via the Internet.

The communication officer of this company, Nabila Kaci gave an update on Ennahar TV. The latter states that "this product allows the woman who has subscribed a breast cancer insurance to benefit from a lump sum capital that varies between 500,000 dinars or 1,000,000 million dinars in case she will be affected by breast cancer. after a medical diagnosis

That said, she explains, that patients always need medical support, apart from the hospital care that "our society can provide."

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