launch of the 2nd edition of the program "Your history lesson"

On the occasion of the commemorative festivities for the glorious War of National Liberation, the Memory Museum organizes several activities and competitions for students, including the "Your History Lesson" program, in its 2nd edition, after the success recorded last year, said Saturday at the APS Ms. Thabet.

Visits are scheduled each Tuesday, in coordination with educational institutions in several wilayas, for the benefit of middle and high school students to enable them to visualize and memorize what they have received in class, such as theoretical lessons in history, has it added.

This program is part of the activities of the Ministry of the Mojahedin for the celebration of the 64th anniversary of the outbreak of the glorious Revolution of November 54.

Stating that the visits are each time crowned with a contest called "Learn Your Story", in which schoolchildren are questioned to test their ability to assimilate the information and explanations provided, Ms. Thabet indicated that the Museum also receives requests from associations for the organization of visits.

The director of this exhibition anticipates a rise in the number of visitors, with an average of 800 visitors a day, announcing the organization of conferences on various themes related to the Liberation Revolution and intended in particular for students.

Stressing that a conference had been organized on "Algerians deported to New Caledonia during the French occupation" for the benefit of law students at the University of Algiers and the University of Bouzaréah, Ms. Thabet know that this theme will be, because of the interest it has aroused, the object of another meeting open to the public.

Opened in October 2014, the Museum of the Memory welcomed, in three years, more than 80 000 visitors, schoolchildren and students, most of them, came to discover the history of Algeria between 1830 and 1962.

This area of ​​almost 3000 m2, has wings dedicated to different parts of the national history, since the beginning of the French occupation, and offering the visitor the opportunity to dive into the events with visual material and audio carriers.

Access to the Museum of Memory is free and open to the public every day of the week, except Sunday, recalled Mrs. Thabet.

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