Launch of the "Orphan's Binder" initiative

Algeria – The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Wakfs has launched the initiative "the orphan's schoolbag", for orphaned and destitute students, in anticipation of the next school year.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs clarified, Thursday in a statement, that this initiative was intended "to help the social categories who are in need and to devote the religious and social role that our sector must assume especially through the Zakat Fund ". Funded by the Zakat Fund, this initiative is overseen by the Souboul El Khairat councils, under the foundation of the mosques of each wilaya of the country, in coordination with the local services concerned, added the same source.

In this context, the ministry invited "the organized bodies of civil society, economic enterprises and benefactors to participate massively in this national campaign, to help a maximum number of orphans and destitute children".

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