List of Products Now Authorized for Import (with Taxes) …

Algeria – This was obviously not tenable. Even counterproductive. The ban on the importation of several products that came into force in early 2018 will have had the consequence that many experts feared.

Indeed, the removal of a price regulation tool such as the imported product has exploded the price of the local product, largely insufficient to cover the entire market.

The equation was, however, simple and obvious: local production that did not cover market demand and the absence of an imported product used as a regulatory lever simply blew up the prices of the local product on which it was sold. is turned down all the demand!

In short, the assessment of course was made, and now it was decided to re-authorize the importation of most products (including food). However, it should be noted that the import restriction regime has been maintained. In particular, cements, agricultural tractors and vehicles.

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