Macron promises facilitation for visas, announces meeting with Bouteflika

Algeria – In Charleville-Mézières, a town located in the department of the Ardennes, French President Emmanuel Macron inaugurated on Wednesday, November 7, a membrane production plant and ultra-pure water production plants installed by the group Algerian Cevital.

On this occasion, Emmanuel Macron spoke on several key topics relating to bilateral relations between Algeria and France. Among them are those of visas.

On this, the French president asserts bluntly, "the consular services of his country treat visa applications from Algeria with flexibility." "The issue of visas and the freedom of movement of people is at the heart of discussions with the Algerian authorities," he said.

In the same affirmative tone, Macron assured that instructions were given so that the visa applications filed by Algerian journalists, writers and men of culture were not refused.

In addition, Emmanuel Macron announced an upcoming meeting with President Bouteflika. A state visit by the French president is expected.

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