Mawlid: Security apparatus of the GN at the level of mosques and public places

Algeria-The National Gendarmerie has set up a security device, on the occasion of the festival of Mawlid Ennabaoui, preservation of tranquility and public tranquility during these festivities, said today, November 19, 2018, a communiqué of the Command of the National Gendarmerie

The Muslim Nation in general and the Algerian people in particular, welcome and commemorate, as every year, the Mawlid Ennabaoui Echarif which coincides with the 20 November 2018, the festivities related to the celebration of this occasion, will know, a great influx of citizens at public squares, mosques and their mass movements by means of communication.

In this context, and to preserve public tranquility and tranquility, and prepare the appropriate climate to celebrate this religious event, the Command of the National Gendarmerie has set up a security system encompassing all operational, fixed and mobile, which will guarantee the citizen's sense of tranquility and security and will also experience a significant shift of vehicles, of travelers both inside and outside the cities.

In parallel with the security system put in place, a number of measures were taken and boil down to:

Fighting firecrackers and pyrotechnics to preserve public health

Strengthen pedestrian and mobile patrols, day and night, to preserve the safety of citizens and their property.

Strengthen checkpoints and schedule patrols at railway, land and storyteller stations

To guarantee the fluidity of the road traffic and the surveillance of the roads (the entrances of the cities and their neighborhoods).

Securing Public Spaces in the Jurisdiction.

The toll-free number, 10-55, remains at the disposal of the citizens, in case of request for assistance or intervention, if necessary, in addition to the electronic site "https.//", on the pre-complaint of the National Gendarmerie and made available to the citizen to send complaints via the Internet.

Moreover, the site "Tariki" and its portable application, provides all the services to facilitate, the displacement, through all the road axes.

On this occasion, the Command of the National Gendarmerie presents to all citizens, his best wishes, while praying, God Almighty, to grant the Algerian people peace, health and prosperity, as he invites parents to watch their children and avoid them playing firecrackers dangerous to their health.

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