Measures up to the closure of inefficient research laboratories

Algeria – Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Tahar Hadjar told Sétif that strict measures up to closing will be taken against scientific research laboratories '' ineffective '' at the level of national universities.

'' The closure of these laboratories will occur after annual measurements and inspections by specialized committees, '' the minister said after a working visit to the wilaya.

He added that in a first step, '' a temporary suspension of the activity '' will be notified to the laboratory with the obligation to carry out a retailer upgrade only if the targeted laboratory fails. its upgrade, its closure will be final.

Stressing that a disparity characterizes the evolution of the 1400 research laboratories, reporting to the Department of Scientific Education and Scientific Research, the Minister indicated that some laboratories have managed to conclude cooperation agreements with industrial and economic units.

He also praised the orientation of some research laboratories that use the patent registration of their inventions and are working to establish links with various companies and institutions to enhance the results of their scientific research, calling the process "Very important step to activate the process of scientific research"

During the inauguration of a laboratory at the Faculty of Sciences of Nature and Life at Farhat Abbas University (Setif 1), an explanation of a treatment project for type 1 diabetes, patented name of the University Setif 1, was presented by an academic

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research began his visit to the wilaya of Setif with the inauguration of a 800-meal central university restaurant at the National School, Messaoud Zeghar in El Eulma, where he also inspected a project to build a 1000-bed university residence.

At the capital of wilaya, Mr. Hadjar inaugurated a university residence of 3,000 beds and a research unit at the Maaboudha university campus before inspecting the project of the El Bez central library at Farhat Abbas University. .

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