Members of the Government and several "Sons of …" convened by the judge!

Algeria – Bouncing: Members of the Government, some of their relatives, the son of a prominent General, several other senior officials and their children …

September promises to be explosive in terms of revelations in the case of an attempt to introduce 701 kilos of cocaine via the port of Oran.

Thus, according to the site Ennahar On Line, it is in hours that must now be counted. The site reports the claims of a judicial source close to the file. The latter indicates that the file will start soon and the auditions will resume soon. In a few hours, they will be sons of senior officials who will be heard by the Examining Magistrate. The latter were in direct contact with the principal defendant Kamel Chikhi, known as "Le Boucher".

The son of a prominent General is part of the long list of people summoned. And who will have to answer the questions of the Tribunal. The latter will, in particular, answer questions about his meetings with "Le Boucher" in Spain a few weeks before the delivery of Cocaine.

Until the end, whatever their ranks!

"The convocation of the General's son is a strong sign of the desire to bring this matter to a successful conclusion." That's what one of the lawyers in the case told the same site. All the more, he stresses, that the President personally interfered with it and instructed justice to complete the case. The president had also made it clear that no one will be spared whatever his rank!

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