MEPs welcome the continuation of social transfers in the 2019 PLF

Algeria-The majority of members of the National People's Congress (NPC) welcomed Monday the Government's commitment to continue injecting social transfers, registered under the PLF 2019, intended mainly for households and retirees, so as to further the social character of the state.

At a plenary session of the NPC, chaired by Assembly Speaker Mouad Bouchareb, devoted to the consideration of the PLF 2019, the deputies welcomed the maintenance of the social character of the State, through continued injection of social transfers to support households and pensioners.

In this context, the MEP Faiza Bouhama (FLN) valued the PLF 2019, which devotes social transfers estimated at more than 700 billion AD and introduces new provisions relating to the transferability of social housing by their beneficiaries, two years after the establishment of their contracts, which will allow, according to her, to stimulate a greater dynamic in the land market.

MP Mourad Halis (FLN) said the bill reflected more organization and mobilization to improve the country's economic situation and meet the challenges at all levels.

MP Saliha Makhref (from the same party) welcomed the procedures and provisions contained in the PLF 2019, particularly those relating to State support for households and pensioners.

It specified that the PLF was the bearer of a prospective vision on the economic challenges ahead, in addition to the search for new non-hydrocarbon resources.

In addition, many RND MPs welcomed the content of this project, stressing the necessary consolidation of investment and local development. In this sense, the deputy Kamel Bouchoucha pleaded for the lifting of the freeze on certain projects in the wilaya of Bejaia, like the realization of the tramway and the duplication of the railroad.

MP Asma Marouani (from the same party) welcomed the non-imposition of new taxes and the absence of any increase in utility prices in the 2019 PLF, which instead revised the increased the amount of social transfers and maintained subsidies for consumer goods in order to protect the citizen's purchasing power.

MP Nabil Benaissa (RND) said that the project had planned a short-term strategy, given the volatility of oil prices.

On another note, MP Saïd Zouar (MSP) deplored the deficit recorded at the level of the National Pension Fund (CNR), despite the envelope of 500 billion Da which has been allocated, indicating that it is inconceivable that the National Investment Fund (NIF) will continue to finance it.

The devaluation of the dinar against other currencies and the decline in individual income have profoundly negative effects on vulnerable segments of society, he said.

MP Abdelouahab Daira of the same party said that the measures contained in the PLF 2019 were not consistent with the government's plan of action.

The member expressed his dissatisfaction with the erosion of foreign exchange reserves and the rise in the unemployment rate, because of the freeze on recruitment, thereby exhorting the need for a tax recovery to attract funds moving outside the legal framework.

MP Djamel Messaadi (PLJ) ​​said that the draft law lacked a clear and well-defined economic strategy, saying it was a risk-taking that could have serious consequences for society, citing in this regard the decline in the rate of economic growth accompanied by an increase in population growth.

Messaadi also expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of alternatives for the diversification of the non-hydrocarbon economy. As for MP Mohamed Okba (El-Karama Party), he welcomed the measures contained in the document. PLF 2019 which has, according to him, preserved the social character of the State and the concern to work for the improvement of the tax receipts, in addition to the framing of the external trade and the control of the inflation.

Unlike other MPs, MP Hamid Ait Said (RCD) noted the many local problems recorded in the wilaya of Tizi Ouzou, citing in the first place the catastrophic situation of the sector of the Habitat which still records a deficit and a delay in the implementation of housing programs, particularly in the rent-and-sell formula.

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