Mihoubi elected cultural personality of the year 2018 in Sharjah

The Governor of Sharjah, Sheikh Sultan Ben Mohamed Al-Qasimi, distinguished the Minister of Culture, the writer Azzedine Mihoubi, in his quality of "cultural personality of the year 2018", during the ceremony of opening of the 37th edition of the Sharjah International Book Fair which took place recently in the presence of several ministers, writers and publishers.

In his intervention on this occasion, Mr. Al-Qasimi indicated that this distinction constituted "a recognition of the important role of the Algerian Minister of Culture in promoting culture and the creative spirit".

"I am fully aware that the Arab cultural scene has more qualified feathers to wear this title and I do not consider myself any better, but I can only rejoice at this happy event," said Mihoubi, who presented, in his name and on behalf of all the intellectuals of the world of the Algerian culture, his strong thanks to the governor of Sharjah for this distinction.

"This distinction honors the Algerian culture that has blossomed and is booming under the leadership of his Excellency the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelaziz Bouteflika who pays particular attention to culture, intellectuals and artists and talents. "

Believing that this distinction is "another milestone in addition to the strengthening of fraternal relations between the State of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Algeria, based on solidarity" and which record, according to the Minister , "A significant and continuous improvement, having reached high levels of cooperation, exchange and partnership."

Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi visited the Algerian booth of 26 publishing houses and inquired about the situation of the Algerian book and the question of translation.

On the occasion of activities related to this cultural event, Mr. Mihoubi presented a paper in which he devoted some of the historical relations between the UAE and Algeria.

The Minister devoted the second part of his speech to discuss the subject of interactions between languages ​​around the world and the apprehensions that seize Arab cultural and academic circles about the evolution of the Arabic language, citing statistics , figures and pieces of information that shed light on the threats to identities in the age of globalization, as well as the importance of cultural security, which is able to guarantee cohesion and unity of society.


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