Mohammed VI wants to turn the page of tensions with Algeria! (Video)

Algeria – Appeased and full of hope. This is what the message delivered by the Moroccan king, King Mohammed VI, was intended to convey on the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of the "Green March". Much of which has been devoted to the relationship with Algeria.

Revitalize bilateral relations and the establishment of a "joint political mechanism for dialogue and consultation"

This is what Mohammed VI suggests, saying that it will "settle disputes between the two countries". Wanting to be more explicit, the king indicates that "by virtue of its mandate, this mechanism will have to undertake to examine all the bilateral questions". And this, "with frankness, objectivity, sincerity and good faith, without conditions or exceptions, according to an open agenda."

Thus, he continues, "the future mechanism may constitute the practical framework for cooperation, centered on the different bilateral issues. In particular, those related to the valuation of opportunities. But also the development potential of the Maghreb region. "

He finally dropped his intervention by returning the hot potato to the Algerian camp, indicating that "Morocco is open to any proposals and initiatives emanating from Algeria". And this, he concludes "to defuse the blockage in which are the relations between the two neighboring countries and brothers."

شارك هاذا المقال !

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