More than 14% of Algerians aged between 18 and 69 have diabetes

"The prevalence rate of diabetes has increased from 8% in 2003 to 10% in 2012 to reach 14% in 2017", demonstrated the results of the survey conducted on a sample of 7450 people representing different regions of the country, presented Wednesday in the presence of UN representatives in Algiers, on the occasion of World Diabetes Day, celebrated on November 14.

According to the survey, "53.5% of respondents never received a blood glucose measurement from health professionals and 29.7% of diabetics were on insulin and 78.2% on antidiabetic drugs. oral. "

Evoking the 8 risk factors in Algeria, at the origin of chronic diseases, the survey showed that 28.4% of the subjects surveyed "with hypercholesterolemia are on oral medication prescribed and 71.3% n have never benefited from the measurement of cholesterol levels by health professionals. "

Regarding high blood pressure, the study showed that 30.8% of those surveyed said they had never had a blood pressure measurement and 45% were on antihypertensives. "

With respect to cardiovascular disease, "5.6% of those surveyed reported having a heart attack or chest pain due to heart disease (angina) or stroke, 5 , 0% of men and 6.1% of women, "says the same study, according to which" this frequency increases with age from 4.4% among 18-29 years to 10.7% among 60 -69 ".

According to the survey, "the prevalence of smoking among current smokers is 16.5%, with a higher rate among men who smoked their first cigarette at the age of 20 and whose average age of onset of smoking was 18, with an average of 15 cigarettes smoked per day. "

"1/3 of respondents reported being exposed to home-based tobacco smoke, and 1/3 in the workplace," adds the same source.

Regarding food hygiene, "85.3% of respondents reported consuming less than 05 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, 23.5% of those surveyed reported adding salt or salty seasonings at the time of 17% reported consuming high-salt processed foods (predominantly male and young).

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