more than 14,000 homeless people taken care of in 2018

Algeria – The services of the wilaya of Algiers have taken charge of more than 14,000 homeless people in 2018, said Saturday the director of civil protection of the wilaya of Algiers, Colonel Mohamed Tigherstine .

Speaking at a conference organized by the wilaya of Algiers and the Red Crescent (CRA) on humanitarian action, Colonel Tigherstine reported the transfer of 14,499 homeless people to reception centers in Algiers .

The services of the wilaya of Algiers in coordination with the civil protection have organized, since 2014, caravans and night patrols to recover the homeless persons with a view to transferring them to the reception centers under the direction of the social action and solidarity or reception centers of the wilaya of Algiers, he said, adding that 95% were from the inner wilayas.

For his part, the director of the Office of the Social Action of the wilaya of Algiers (management of the reception centers), Mohamed Aichi announced that the new center of Dély Brahim welcomed from February 2 as of October 30 of the current year, more than 20,600 men, 1339 women and 124 children, adding that many of them were transferred to hospitals in Algiers to receive care.


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