More than 18 billion DA for the realization of 1190 operations of development in 2018

Algeria – More than 18 billion AD are devoted to the concretisation in 2011 of 1,190 development operations in the wilaya of Tlemcen, said the wali, Ali Benyaiche, Saturday during a press conference held at the headquarters of the radio of Tlemcen.

Of these operations, 72 are included in the sectoral program for a budget of 6.63 billion DA, 644 under the communal development plans (PCD) for an envelope of 4.69 billion DA and 474 operations under the Local Government Solidarity and Guarantee Fund (DA 6.7 billion)

These operations, he stressed, were spread over all the communes according to the density of the population, the specificity of each community and the rate of development to take care of citizens' concerns, adding that emphasis is placed on the necessary needs including the connection to gas, electricity and water distribution networks, roads and other activities. The wilaya of Tlemcen benefited from an additional envelope of 2,730 billion DA of the Fund of solidarity and guarantee of the local communities to fill the deficit of some programs, informed Mr. Benyaiche, signaling the meeting of periodic sessions with the chiefs dairas to identify their needs and finance the communes according to their needs.

In addition, Ali Benyaiche announced the reception, from the next school year, of a high school in hai (district) El Koudia to the chief town of wilaya, five CEM in Hennaya, Ouled Mimoune, Ain Talout and Maghnia and eight school groups in Ghazaouet, Maghnia, Ouled Mimoune, Tlemcen and El Aricha. It is expected, in the month of December, the reception of four CEMs in Sidi Abdellah, Beni Mester, Honaine and Tlemcen and five schools in Maghnia, Fellaoucene, Ain Talout, Sebdou and Tlemcen, said the same official, before affirming that these new schools will reduce class occupancy rates and thus provide better schooling and work for teachers.

The wali also announced the reception, at the next academic year, of a residence with a capacity of 2,000 beds, a central library, a refectory at the residence "Bakhti Abdelmadjid" of Tlemcen and a new administrative block at the new university center of Mansourah. Ali Benyaiche added that the problem of transporting students from the remote municipalities of Tlemcen will be solved with the hiring of certain buses on the budget of the wilaya.

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