more than 180 wounded people in Oran

Algeria – More than 180 people were treated at the University Hospital of Oran (CHUO) following injuries or respiratory disorders during the two days of Eid El-Adha, was it learned Thursday of the communication officer of this health facility.

The mishandling of sharp tools has injured 130 adults and 2 children who have been cared for by the competent departments of the CHUO, said Kamel Babou. Most of the domestic accidents during Eid El-Adha are due to the mishandling of sharp tools (knives and axes in particular), involved in the slaughter, butchering and cutting of the lamb, he explained. .

The seriousness of the injuries of 9 other patients required their admission to the surgical emergency department, said Babou, noting that the bodily injuries are localized including the hands and feet. In addition, some 40 people with respiratory problems due to the inhalation of cooking smoke were admitted to the pneumology emergency department, the CHUO communication officer said.

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