more than 1,900 hectares covered by fires from June 1st to September 5th

An area of ​​1,918.43 hectares was covered by forest fires between June 1 and September 5, 2018, said Thursday the General Directorate of Forests (DGF) in a statement.

There were 682 households registered with a total area of ​​1,918.43 hectares (ha) divided between 905.43 ha of forest, 383.68 ha of maquis and 629.32 ha of scrub, an average of of 7 outbreaks / day and an area of ​​2.81 ha / outbreak, details the same source.

The DGF indicates that the area most affected by forest fires is the East with 1,065.40 ha and 135 households, followed by the Center (598.96 ha, 385 households) and the West ( 254.07 ha, 162 foci).

In comparison with the same period of 2017, the DGF recorded 2,496 households with a total area of ​​52,286 ha, including 28,040 ha in forests.

For the week from 30 August to 5 September 2018, there were 120 outbreaks of fire with a total area of ​​216.68 ha affecting 42.12 ha of forest, 101.63 ha of maquis and 72 , 93 ha of scrub, an average of 17 foci / day and an area of ​​1.80 ha / outbreak.

According to the DGF, the prevention and fight against forest fires, put in place since June 1, will be maintained until the end of the campaign, scheduled for October 31.

Because of the persistent risks during this period, it calls on citizens, particularly the local population, to be more vigilant and to contribute to the warning and prevention plan.

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