more than 4,500 merchants mobilized in Algiers

Algeria – The services of the Trade Directorate of the wilaya of Algiers mobilized more than 4,500 shopkeepers to ensure the permanence during the two days of Aid El Adha and the week following this religious festival, in addition to the organization of campaigns to sensitize the tradesmen of the importance of the respect of the table of permanence, one learned Tuesday of the director of the commerce of the wilaya.

million. Karim Kech told the official agency that 4522 traders out of the 8674 registered at the Algiers level were mobilized to ensure permanence during the two days of Aid El Adha and the following week (as of Friday) This requires merchants to monitor the compliance rate of the program in order to ensure an uninterrupted supply of all consumer products. The same official said that these measures were part of the new law that require traders resumption of their activities on weekends, annual holidays and official holidays and provides penalties against traders failing.

He added that this measure did not concern all commercial activities and was limited to the services needed by the citizen during religious festivals, such as grocery stores, fruit and vegetable sellers and restaurants. bakeries.

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