More than 50 sub-Saharan children released from trafficking networks

Algeria – This is the second major operation in less than a week. The security elements of the Algiers wilaya have succeeded in releasing 54 sub-Saharan children from the mesh of networks specialized in human trafficking, according to a DGNS communiqué

Of Nigerian origin, the victims were exploited to excess by the tenants of the networks. The latter, devoid of any human fiber, reduced them to itinerant beggars who occupy the streets of the capital.

During his interventions, the police of Algiers also discovered that by the fifty four children, at least 28 of them were on the national territory unaccompanied by their parents.

In good health, they were all taken care of by the authorities who sent them to a welfare center located in Dely Brahim, in the suburbs of Algiers.

A few days ago, 39 sub-Saharan miners were repatriated to their country after releasing them from a gang that turned human trafficking into a business.

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