Moroccans and Tunisians pose as Algerians in Italy

Algeria – "There are more than 40,000 Algerians legally resident in Italy. And nearly 900 cases of immigrants in irregular situations. "

This was advanced by Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia on Monday, November 5, at a press conference held jointly with the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. However, Ouyahia assures that out of these 900 cases, many are, in fact, nationals of the Maghreb (Morocco, Tunisia, Libya) who pretend to be Algerians.

"There are fewer than 900 people in illegal residence who would be Algerians. But many people from other Maghreb countries who go to Italy claim to be Algerians, "he said.

Visibly annoyed by the thesis that the visits of European leaders in Algeria are motivated only by the question of the repatriation of Algerian undocumented migrants living in Europe, Ouyahia replies that the question of "Harragas" has "taken less than 10 minutes on the three hours that the talks lasted. "

شارك هاذا المقال !

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