Murder, Misappropriation, Corruption … Scandal in the Tax Directorate of Algiers Center!

Algeria – The Tax Directorate of Algiers Center lives, in recent days, at the rate of an incredible scandal that exposes the extent of corruption and nepotism that reigns in this administration . Especially at the level of the direction of the means.

This is what reveals the daily Ennahar in its edition of Tuesday, November 6th. The latter refers to the results of an internal investigation conducted by a Commission sent by the General Tax Directorate.

Thus, the Directorate of Resources at the level of the Tax Directorate of Algiers Center has led its Director in a serious error that could lead many officials to report to the Justice.

In availability, while he is in … Prison!

This Directorate of the means signed a document putting "on availability" an agent. This document has been submitted to the Director for approval and signature. What he did

Problem: This agent is in jail. And not for any crime. The latter committed a murder. He is therefore imprisoned for this serious act as well as embezzlement, with a certain number of his accomplices.

According to the investigation, the imprisoned officer is nothing less than the son of two officials in this Tax Branch.

In fact it was to give him "lay-off" so that he did not lose his job. And that he can resume his job once his sentence has been served.

A scandal may hide another …

Thus, the Director of the Tax Department of Algiers Center has prepared a detailed report on this case and sent it to the General Tax Directorate. The latter immediately dispatched a Commission of Inquiry that was able to expose this incredible case. But she did not stop there, since she was able to update another equally incredible case.

Thus, an agent of this tax office continues to receive his salary, while he has left the national territory for several years.

The internal investigation is taking place, before probably ending up in the hands of the Justice which will have to decide on this incredible daily newspaper in which navigates this administration at least out of the ordinary!

شارك هاذا المقال !

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