NATO's 2nd Standing Naval Group berths at the port of Algiers

Algeria – The 2nd Standing Naval Group of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (SNMG-2) docked Monday at the port of Algiers for a four-day stopover, as part of the cooperation between Algeria and NATO, says a statement from the Department of National Defense (DND).

During this stopover, Vice-Admiral, Deputy Commander of the NATO Allied Navy Command (MARCOM) made a courtesy call to the General-Major, Commander of the Naval Forces at the Admiralty, while a delegation of the 2nd Naval Group was received by the commander of the Maritime Facade Center, the same source said.

During the stopover, a floating unit of the Algerian Naval Forces will, in coordination with the ships of the 2nd NATO Naval Group, carry out PASSEX tactical exercises, the statement added.

The 2nd NATO Naval Group, under Dutch command, is composed of 4 units: the Dutch missile destroyer HNLMS DE RUYTER, the ESPS CRISTOBAL COLON Spanish missile destroyer, the Canadian missile frigate HMCS CITIES OF QUEBEC and the Spanish tanker tanker ESPS CANTABRIA.

This stop will "contribute to deepening military cooperation between our Naval Forces and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization through the exchange of experience and the strengthening of operational coordination in the areas of control and maritime safety, and the development of interoperability and responsiveness capabilities between the two sides in crisis situations and the enhancement of our maritime security against possible dangers or threats, "the statement added.

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