Natural childbirth or cesarean: Should we give the choice to pregnant women?

Algeria – The show "Sarih Djidan", "very frank" Ennahar reveals the views shared by women on the natural childbirth and the increased risks and complications of performing a cesarean section.

As usual, Ennahar's camera asked a sample of women for their opinion on the subject.

The women interviewed unanimously indicated that they prefer a natural birth despite the pain caused during childbirth. "Natural childbirth does not lead to serious complications such as those related to childbirth. Cesarean ", it is reported

However, all women agree that the pains and complications that affect pregnant women who deliver by cesarean section are much more serious especially after childbirth.

However, some women have not denied the benefit of cesarean section in many cases where the mother and her child are in danger.
While many women think that caesarean delivery has become a "fashion", especially since some pregnant women choose to deliver by caesarean section without medical indication!

Hypertension and diabetic women are much more likely to be at risk of pregnancy … It is the task of the obstetrician to inform women and sometimes to choose caesarean section for some of them.

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