Nearly 950 billion dollars spent in 20 years, according to Ould Abbes

Algeria – Taking advantage of a meeting held Saturday with the representatives of his party in Algiers, the secretary general of the FLN, Djamel Ould-Abbes gave part of the "assessment of achievements" of Abdelaziz Bouteflika in 20 years of reign.

To give examples of the projects built by these funds, the first official of the FLN cited the construction of more than 5 million homes. "If we consider that each family has 5 people, that is nearly 25 million Algerians who are affected by the distribution of housing," said Ould-Abbes. It has also added tens of thousands of kilometers of built roads, more than 35,000 schools and colleges, 110 universities and 181 dams. "This is a huge program," said the secretary general of the FLN who recalls that to establish this balance sheet, it took the contribution of wilayas, ministries and other administrations that allowed to develop 3 volumes of 2100 pages .

The bila will be distributed in each of the wilayas concerned, said Ould-Abbes.

شارك هاذا المقال !

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