New instructions for their care (Hasbellaoui)

Algeria – Now pregnant women "have the right to choose the establishment that suits them" to give birth to their baby.

This instruction was given on Monday by the Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, Mokhtar Hasbellaoui to the Directors of Health and Population (DSP).

"All the DSPs were firmly instructed to follow the pregnant woman, through a file of parturiente who must register in a maternity ward, as of the 3rd quarter, to allow the director of the hospital to ensure him a good care, "said the minister in substance.

The maternal pregnancy record is a way for maternity wardens to know the number of pregnant women, and therefore, provide the necessary means for deliveries, explained the first person in charge of the sector.

million. Hasbellaloui insisted, in fact, on the need for care "of all parturients throughout the national territory."

The Minister spoke today on the sidelines of the meeting on the Campaign for the Improvement of Maternal Mortality in Africa (Carmma) held in Algiers.

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