No connection to Cholera

Algeria – To avoid any confusion and rumor about the spread of the Cholera epidemic, the Ennahar TV chain confirms Wednesday, August 29, 2018 that the death case recorded at Ain Defla is not due to Cholera.

The Ennahar TV channel said today that the death of the woman of 46 yesterday Tuesday at the Boufarik hospital has no connection with the Cholera disease that spreads quickly and creates a great panic within the company since the beginning of the current month.

The results of analyzes of the Institut Pasteur have proved that the deceased is not affected by Cholera, specifies the same chain.

Recall that l deceased had been transferred from Ain Defla hospital after presenting symptoms of Cholera, said ALG 24 in an article posted yesterday.In addition to the symptoms of the epidemic, this woman with Down Syndrome also suffered from kidney failure

In this same wake, the chain Ennahar TV also confirms that no case of confirmed Cholera was recorded in the wilaya of Oran.

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