No suspicious cases during the last four days (ministry)

The ministry also recalls in its review of the epidemiological situation of cholera cases on September 15, 2018 published Saturday that two (02) deaths have been deplored since the declaration of the first cases.

According to the same source, the confirmed case of the psychiatric EHS of Sidi Chahmi (Oran), hospitalized in the infectious diseases department of Oran University Hospital, was declared outgoing after recovery.

Two other cases hospitalized at EHS El Kettar, transferred from the EPH Ain Taya, were also declared outgoing after healing, it was added.

"The approach adopted by the Ministry since the beginning of the epidemic is that all suspected cases are declared confirmed only after definitive bacteriological results of the National Reference Laboratory of the IPA," he explained. , stressing that the health surveillance system put in place since the declaration of the first cases "remains in force" and the mobilization of the health teams "remains at its highest level".

In addition, he continued, health and population directors of wilayas were instructed to immediately diagnose all suspected cases that may appear because of the mobility of populations and to strengthen active screening for healthy carriers.

The ministry also called on the public to "strictly observe" hygiene rules to prevent the occurrence of food-borne illnesses.

He recalled, in this respect, that experts in the health sector are "systematically" dispatched when declaring group food poisoning. The latter must serve as technical support for the investigation of these cases, it was stated.

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